Where Can I Find The Shipping With Insurance Option On eBay? (Outlined & Explained!)

Shipping With Insurance Option On eBay

eBay offers an insured shipping service called ShipCover; with it, you can ensure your packages against shipping damages. To add ShipCover to your item, open the sold items tab on your page, select the item you’d like to insure, and select print shipping label. 

In the delivery section, select add insurance then clicks on ShipCover insurance. You will see the shipping cost in the shipping cost section of the page. After carefully reading the terms and conditions of your coverage, indicate that you agree with them and pay for your coverage.

How To File A Claim With ShipCover

eBay partners with Parcel Insurance Plan to process your insurance claims. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to file a claim with ShipCover: 

1. Go to the Shipping labels section in my eBay or Seller’s hub and create a claim for the affected item

2. A claim form will pop up; fill it out carefully

3. After filing your claim, you will receive an email confirmation with important information such as your policy number and how much coverage you are entitled to

4. After filing a claim, eBay will do some background checks on their end. For example, if the buyer reported that they did not receive their item or returned it because it was damaged, eBay will verify your claim.

However, in a situation where there was no report from the buyer’s end, the buyer will have to verify your claim by responding to an email from Parcel Insurance Plan. If after three weeks you have not gotten any feedback on your claim, you should reach out.

How To View The Status Of Your ShipCover Claim

Waiting for an update on the status of your claim can cause you a lot of anxiety; that is why eBay created a feature that allows you to monitor the status of your claim. 

To do so, follow the steps below:

1. Go to the sold items or Orders section

2. Select view order details

3. Click on view claim status 

Pros And Cons Of eBay Shipping Insurance

Extra security for buyers and sellersService received an average rating from customers
Coverages are customized to meet seller needs
Affordable and convenient

Additional Coverage Options

You can enjoy additional coverage for your items with UPS and FedEx. If you purchased your UPS shipping label through eBay, you would be covered up to the tune of $999. Should your item reach fail to reach your customer, you can file a claim with the Loss Claim Form. However, if the package is damaged, you should fill out the Damage Claim Form.

Email these forms to [email protected] with the appropriate title “Customized eBay Claims Support” UPS will follow up from there. 

FedEx offers declared value coverage for an additional fee. If something went wrong with your order and you purchased a FedEx shipping label via eBay, you need to file a claim with FedEx directly.

What To Consider Before Purchasing Shipping Insurance?

Purchasing Shipping Insurance

Shipping Insurance Might Not Be Necessary

If your items are $100 or less, there is a high chance you do not need to purchase shipping coverage because you will enjoy automatic coverage for these items. 

For example, UPS and FedEx automatically cover domestic parcels to the tune of $100, while The U.S. Postal Service only provides this coverage for Express Mail. However, note that these carriers do not offer insurance but declared value coverage. 

This means it is important you declare the value of the item(s) you are shipping. Then, should you need additional coverage, you will be required to pay for it. 

Not Everything Is Covered

One piece of advice we never get tired of dishing out is to read the fine print of your insurance policy. Know exactly what is covered and where you aren’t sure research and ask questions. Also, ensure that you meet the packaging requirements for any item you ship, items damaged due to poor shipping will not be covered.

Patience Is A Virtue

All carriers claim that their claims process is quick, but this varies across carriers. While some may be slower than others, we think it would be best if you exercised a great deal of patience during this period. One thing is for sure; you will get your claim. 

Frequently Asked Question

We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions and answers. These FAQs will help you understand everything you need to know about eBay ShipCover. Let’s check it out!

Is eBay ShipCover good?

eBay ShipCover

This question is subjective, as what makes it good is determined by your insurance needs. However, if you are looking for a convenient and affordable way to cover domestic and international parcels, ShipCover may be the answer. Their claims process is quicker than most competitors, and the whole process is stress-free.

Does Priority Mail Have Insurance On eBay?

Yes, it does. Generally, shipping with USPS qualifies you for $50 worth of free insurance on your shipment. In addition, eBay sellers that are either top-rated, platinum, or titanium power sellers who use eBay labels receive $100 worth of free insurance on their shipments.

Are eBay Sellers Responsible For Shipping Damage?

Yes, they are. eBay’s policy states that customers who receive goods that are damaged defected, or simply not what they ordered for can return these items and receive a full refund inclusive of shipping costs. These costs are borne by the seller, not the buyer.


Shipping insurance is a great idea for any business that has to deliver its goods to its customers. Unfortunately, anything could go wrong, and usually, the consequences are dire. With shipping insurance, you are guaranteed some assistance should anything go wrong. Slipcover is eBay’s shipping insurance service that provides you with coverage at an affordable rate.


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