Otto Insurance Review- Is It A Scam Or Legit?

Otto Insurance Review

The reviews revealed that insurance agents spammed customers with many calls trying to sell them insurance. Otto Insurance is an online tool that allows you to compare quotes between insurance companies; it is not an insurance provider. On this note, Otto Insurance isn’t a scam; they’re just spammy in their approach. 

Is Otto Insurance A Scam? 

There is little information regarding Otto Insurance on the internet; this makes it difficult to ascertain with confidence whether they are a scam or not. 

In addition, the number of bad reviews the company has gotten has led many people to question its authenticity. 

It also does not help that available information conflicts with one another. For example, the company is believed to have more than one website address. 

Because the company’s online information is scarce, you won’t find much on their background either. Another thing that raises eyebrows is that the Better Business Bureau has listed the company as no longer in business, yet all its contact lines are still active. 

The last place we can resort to whether Otto Insurance is a scam or legit is the customer reviews. Many customers were unsatisfied with the service they got from the company.

While the company boasts of many positive reviews, it is quite the task to come across these reviews online. Rather, you’ll find that the negative reviews outweigh any positive ones you may find by a landslide. 

Please take a look at some of the reviews we came across in our search. 

Vincent Odorisio – 1 star 

“They sell it to about 25 agents and insurance companies. So you will immediately get 30 calls/day for a straight week. I hope that I have them all blocked now on email and phone.

On top of that, I started getting advertisements and mail regarding non-insurance items from some of their marketing partners. If you want to get a bunch of calls and emails and have Otto Insurance sell your info, then, by all means, sign on.

Shame on me for showing interest and putting my info out there.”

Joe G – 1 star 

“They aren’t an insurance company. They sell your info.

Like the others, I have been getting nonstop phone calls and emails. So many that I’m thinking about changing my number.”

A B – 1 star 

“They didn’t give me a  quote, they aren’t an insurance broker.  I was hammered by a bunch of different agencies looking to get my business.  If I wanted to go to progressive, Geico, or Liberty, I would have gone to them.  Now I am getting phone calls and email solicitations from a bunch of companies.   Additionally, they sold my information and I went from Zero to 456 junk emails this morning in one day thanks to these a**holes. Don’t fill out their free insurance quote form ever!!!!!!!”

The customer reviews also enlightened us on how poorly the company has marketed itself as a referral company and not an insurance broker. 

From the comments, some of the customers believe they were making inquiries from an insurance broker. 

What Is Otto Insurance? 

It’s not easy to choose when you have many options; you will find yourself in this position when looking for an insurance company. 

There’s a myriad of them all over the US, and finding the right one can be a Herculean task; this is where Otto Insurance comes in. 

Otto Insurance is a lead generation tool that connects you to its vast network of one thousand affiliates and partners.  With your personal information, insurance agents will contact you to continue the rest of the process. 

How Does Otto Insurance Work? 

Otto insurance promises its users the lowest insurance rates the market offers. In addition, they provide you with quotes from insurance companies across different industries such as auto, pet, home, and life. 

Remember that Otto does not provide insurance services because it is not an insurance company, rather they function as a middleman between the client and the insurance provider. 

While their head office is located in Miami, Florida, its team is littered across the US. With dedication, they work tirelessly to connect users with suitable insurance companies who can help them secure their future. 

Otto insurance partners with individual, regional, and nationwide carriers in its quest to link clients with insurance companies. 

Thanks to modern technology and a well-developed team, the company has tried its best to ensure these dealings are safely conducted in the online space.

 In addition to this, their network communicates user information with many affiliates to get the best match as soon as possible. 

All this happens within a matter of minutes. Intending to give customers a seamless experience, Otto Insurance focuses on speed and efficiency. 

Otto Insurance Vs. Other AI Tools 

Otto Insurance isn’t the only artificial intelligence tool that seeks to connect potential clients with insurance companies. Other tools such as Insurify, Jerry, and Quote Wizard exist with the same function as Otto. 

These are all lead generation tools with a large network promising to get you the best insurance quotes in the market. 

Insurify has better reviews when compared with Otto because it returns quotes to customers; Otto, on the other hand, links you with agents who will call you to discuss their quotes.

Jerry also has better reviews than Otto; with information on your insurance policy, it compares your coverage with other companies and selects the top three for you. However, it is more complicated to use than Insurify. 

Lastly, we take a look at quote wizard. Like Otto, it does not return actual quotes to clients but forces users to look for them on other pages. 

Here’s a table to summarize everything we’ve said: 


A vast network of partnersDoes not send quotes
Quick response Spams customers 
Conflicting customer reviews

Otto Insurance is not an insurance company. Hence they do not provide insurance services. Rather they are a lead generation company to connect you to an insurance company. They do this by letting you compare two insurance companies at a time. 

In achieving this objective, they will obtain personal information from you, such as your phone number. This leads to many phone calls from multiple agents trying to sell you insurance. 

This could be very annoying for many customers, and it has led them to give the company bad reviews. 

In summary, if you think you can handle the phone calls, then Otto Insurance might be a useful tool in locating the insurance company that caters to your needs. 

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