How Much Does A Root Canal Normally Cost In Florida Without Insurance? (All You Need To Know!)

Root Canal Normally Cost In Florida Without Insurance

The cost of a root canal is dependent on factors such as the condition of the tooth, the tooth involved, whether you have insurance, etc. In a case where you don’t have insurance, you will likely spend between $700 – $1800 on a root canal treatment. Depending on the clinic you visit, the cost may run up to thousands of dollars when other charges are added to the cost of the root canal itself. 

PerimetersWith InsuranceWithout Insurance
Anterior$200 – $1100$700 – $1100
Bicuspid$200 – $1200$800 – $1200
Molar$300 – $1500$1200 – $1800

Factors Affecting Cost Of A Root Canal

Cost Of A Root Canal

If you are worried about the possible cost of your root canal, we listed some factors that could affect your medical expense.

Condition Of The Tooth

No surprise that this will have a role in the cost of your root canal treatment. If you go to a hospital for a fracture, you won’t be charged the same amount as someone who has a dislocation. The same thing is applicable with teeth.

Someone with a cracked/chipped tooth will pay differently from someone with an infection. There is also the issue of how many sittings you will need to complete your treatment. These days treatments are completed in one sitting.

Type Of Tooth

This is usually a surprise to many people who aren’t aware that the tooth involved can influence the cost of their treatment. However, when you give it some thought, there is some logic in it. 

Your front set of teeth is easier to access than your molars at the back of your mouth. And they also have a different number of canals, front teeth have just one, but molars have three – hence more canals to fill.


Dental procedures are notorious for costing an arm and a leg, and with the way prices are being inflated as the years go by, having an extra hand deal with the costs isn’t a bad idea. 

Whether you have dental insurance or not will greatly influence how much you will spend on your root canal treatment. With an insurance policy that covers root canal treatments, you may only pay half of the cost or less procedure. 

There is a policy you will pay more than that or cover the cost entirely should your dentist reject your insurance or your policy doesn’t cover root canal treatments.

Tips To Securing An Affordable Root Canal Operation

 Securing An Affordable Root Canal Operation

We’ll start by saying that hunting for a free root canal is an arduous task; it isn’t impossible, but you’ll spend a lot of effort trying to get such an expensive procedure done for free. 

You can get a root canal done for free if you participate in a medical camp organized by an NGO. A medical camp is an event to provide medical care to people who cannot afford it. 

The second way you could get this procedure done for free is by volunteering to be part of a research program. In exchange for joining the study, you could request free treatment, e.g., your root canal.

Now let’s move on to getting root canals done at an affordable rate; this will be easier than trying to get one done for free. 

First off, start by researching your options. Some dental clinics will charge lesser than others, and they may even charge on a sliding scale basis. This means that they will charge you based on what you can comfortably pay, depending on your income.

The second idea is to find clinics that offer discounts for these procedures. Some of them may do so if you pay for the entire procedure beforehand; this will help you cut some costs on your procedure.

Another suggestion is to get your root canal done at a dental school. Usually, the students there are more than happy to conduct these procedures for you and at a much cheaper rate. 

This is because they are gaining the necessary work experience to progress in their career. Also, the students are supervised by professional dentists, so you don’t have to worry about anything going wrong.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is A Root Canal Worth The Steep Costs?

Many people debate whether it is necessary to spend so much money on a root canal. But, in our opinion, a root canal is definitely worth the money you spend on it. Why? – because it preserves your natural tooth. This reduces the chances of developing complications in future and promotes a healthier smile.

Why Are Root Canals So Expensive?

Many factors determine the cost of your root canal treatment; however, we can’t deny that no matter the factors involved, they are generally expensive.

A major factor contributing to their high cost is the specialists who carry out the procedure. Endodontists are highly skilled, and we can expect that their services will come at a steep cost.

Are Root Canals Cheaper Than Extractions?

No, they are not. However, extractions are cheaper than root canals. A possible reason for the difference in price is because root canals preserve your natural smile and have a smaller chance of developing complications in the future.


Root canals are unarguably one of the most expensive dental procedures out there, and without insurance financing, they could cost you an arm and a leg. 

Fortunately, there are a number of ways you can have this procedure carried out at a reduced rate or even free without any insurance. 


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