Does AT&T Insurance Cover Cracked iPhone Screens? (Find Out!)

AT&T Insurance

Yes, AT&T insurance covers cracked iPhone screens. But, of course, they also cover cracked screens for HTC, Samsung, and any other brand you can think of. While not everyone thinks they need phone insurance, it’s not a bad idea if you’re sporting the latest iPhone or an above-average android. 

These phones cost hundreds of dollars, and some even run into thousands of dollars. Having to cough out money to pay for another one or repair is a stressful experience; phone insurance can make this easier. 

AT&T Insurance – Everything You Need To Know

AT&T Insurance Details

After purchasing a device from AT&T, one of the store attendants may have asked you to purchase a phone insurance policy as well. The insurance plans at AT&T protect you from loss, damage, theft, and out-of-warranty malfunctions. 

You can file a claim if you experience any of these perils and need your phone repaired or replaced. You may be required to pay a deductible before your claim is processed; this amount is usually calculated based on your device and what tier it falls in.

The most comprehensive plan is the Protect Advantage plan, and you can register up to four devices on this plan. These devices are not limited to phones; you can also register tablets, smartwatches, and laptops. 

AT&T Mobile Insurance

AT&T Mobile Insurance

Although it is an inexpensive alternative to the Protect Advantage plans, it is not as comprehensive; however, it provides the basic coverage you will need for your device. You can only register one device and your claim limit per year is two times.

Your replacement claims can be processed as soon as the next day for claims relating to theft, loss, and damage. Finally, the plan covers any faults you may experience after your warranty is expired. 

AT&T Protect Advantage – 1 Device

With this plan, you can only register one device and have a claim limit of 3 times per year for loss, theft, and damage. There are also an additional two claims for accidental damage from handling. You can file a claim the same day your insurance is approved; this applies to theft, loss, and physical damage claims. 

The plan also covers technical and manufacturing faults in your device, even if your warranty is expired. Finally, the plan features regular device checkups to improve battery performance, network speed, etc. 

AT&T Protect Advantage – 4 Devices 

This plan is different from the one device plan because it encompasses all the features discussed above. However, it also has some additional perks. You can register more devices on this plan for starters, and they don’t have to be registered on your wireless plan for coverage.

You also have a higher claim limit of 8 times for loss, theft, and damage within a year and six times for accidental damage from handling.

Who Is Eligible For AT&T Insurance? 

Any customer registered under AT&T’s postpaid wireless plan is eligible for their insurance plan as long as they register within 30 days of activating or upgrading their device. 

This means that if you don’t purchase the insurance immediately after you buy your phone, you have a 30-day window to do so through the app in the “add-ons” section.

From time to time, there is an open enrollment period for people who missed this 30-day window to register for insurance. 

Also, note that you don’t have to buy your phone from AT&T to enroll in their phone insurance. If your phone is in good working condition, you can purchase phone insurance from AT&T; the main determinant is to do within 30 days from activating your wireless plan. 

AT&T Phone Insurance Cost

The cost of insurance varies depending on what insurance plan you purchased. For example, the Protect Advantage for 1 Plan charges $15/$17 per month, depending on the model of your phone. 

However, the same plan for four devices charges $45 per month. The more affordable option is the Mobile Insurance plan which charges about $9 per device monthly regardless of how many devices you register.

How To File A Claim With AT&T

Filing a claim with AT&T is a stress-free process because it can be done remotely. In addition, Asurion handles all AT&T’s claim issues, so your filing process begins with them. 

Via Asurion’s website, provide the wireless number for your affected device to get the process started. Other details they may ask for are your deductible amount and your repair eligibility. 

If you’re not up for filing a claim online, you can also do so by calling a customer care agent on 888.562. 8662, and they will guide you through the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Phone Insurance Worth It?

Some people don’t know if phone insurance is a necessary expenditure; we’d say that it depends on many factors. If you are using an expensive phone and replacing or repairing it suddenly could dent your finances, then phone insurance is not a bad idea.

However, if you’re the type of person who has used a phone for years without any major mishaps happening to it, then you’re better off without phone insurance. 

Our advice is to analyze your lifestyle habits and how you got by with your previous phones to decide whether you need them or not. 

How Do I File A Claim At AT&T?

To file a claim at AT&T, you can either visit Asurion’s website and file a claim to do so or call their careline on 888.562.8622 to have an agent guide you.


In our opinion, phone insurance is a necessity, especially for anyone using an expensive device. Damages to phones can be annoying, especially when unplanned for. Worse is when your phone is stolen or lost not long after getting it. 

AT&T is one of the many outlets that provide phone insurance, and they do so for a fairly moderate price. In addition, their most comprehensive plan covers everything from theft to accidental damage. 

Even if you are not keen on getting insurance from AT&T, it isn’t a bad idea to shop around from other providers and keep your phone protected at all times. 


AT&T Device Protection – Everything You Need to Know

AT&T Phone Insurance – Everything You Need to Know

Phone Insurance – AT&T Device Protection

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