Does T-Mobile Insurance Cover Cracked Screen? (Find Out Today!)

T Mobile Cracked Screen Insurance

Yes, they cover cracked screens under their available insurance plans. So whether you are registered under basic device protection, premium handset protection, or protection 360, rest your mind knowing that your coverage includes accidental damages such as cracked screens.

However, note that screen damage is not covered under your device warranty, so they will not replace your phone if it has a broken or cracked screen. Fortunately, you don’t have to be stuck with a broken device; you can register under any of T-Mobile’s insurance plans and have your device repaired or damaged.

Tiers Of Insurance At T-Mobile

Tiers Of Insurance At T Mobile

T-Mobile offers three tiers of insurance, and each one provides different levels of coverage. We highlighted the features of each one below:

Basic Device Protection

This plan is one of T-Mobile’s comprehensive plans, with premiums starting at $6 and going as high as $14 per month. 

Coverage under this plan includes malfunctions, accidental damage, loss, and even theft of your device and some accessories like your charge and battery. Other accessories are only replaced if they are stolen or lost along with the device.

Some damages are not covered under this plan; these include damages caused by fire, misuse, unauthorized repairs, Acts of God, and any other damage caused intentionally or for cosmetic reasons. 

T-Mobile plans come with a deductible, and they are categorized into malfunctions, accidental damage, loss, and theft. There are also limitations on claim limits on this plan and others. 

Under the basic device protection tier, you are entitled to 2 claims within 12 months.

Premium Handset Protection (Prepaid Only)

This T-Mobile plan is fixed at a premium of $8 per month and prepaid only. The coverage under this plan is similar to that of the basic device protection plan. You will be covered against malfunctions, accidental damage, loss, or theft of devices and accessories such as chargers and batteries. 

Other accessories are only covered if lost or stolen with the phone. This plan does not cover damage caused by rust, corrosion, failure to adhere to maintenance guidelines, unauthorized repairs, and power fluctuations. You are limited to two claims within a month under this plan.

T-Mobile Device Protection Or Protection <360>

T Mobile Device Protection

This is T-Mobile’s most comprehensive plan, and its insurance premiums are slated at $7 – $15. Damages covered under this plan are the same as the other two plans earlier discussed. However, unlike the basic device protection and premium device protection plan, protection 360 offers three mot two claims per year.

One feature of protection 360 that makes it stand out from the other two is that it allows you to enjoy additional services. Additional services under this plan include JUMP! Upgrades for Apple devices and McAfee Security for T-Mobile with ID theft protection.

It also has perks such as unlimited screen protector replacements, in-store replacements, and replacements via mail.

T-Mobile’s Insurance Comparison Chart

Basic Device ProtectionPremium Handset ProtectionProtection 360
Additional ServicesNoNoYes
Claim LimitsTwice within 12 monthsTwice within 12 monthsThree times within 12 months
Loss/Theft Deductible$20 – $175$10 -$249$10 – $249
Malfunction Deductible0/Nil ($5 processing fee for phone replacement)0/Nil ($5 processing fee for phone replacement)0/Nil ($5 processing fee for phone replacement)
Accidental Deductible$10 – $249$20 – $175$10 – $99
Premiums $6 – $14$8$7 – $15
CoverageMalfunctions, accidental damage, theft, loss, and some accessoriesMalfunctions, accidental damage, theft, loss, and some accessoriesMalfunctions, accidental damage, theft, loss, and some accessories
Not CoveredDamages from abuse, misuse, fires, unauthorized repairs, Acts of God, etcDamages from corrosion, rust, failure to adhere to maintenance guidelines, power fluctuations etcDamages from abuse, misuse, fires, unauthorized repairs, Acts of God, etc

T-Mobile’s Policy On Cracked Screens

Before T-Mobile accepts your device, it has to pass its condition check. Remember that screen damage in any form voids your warranty, and T-Mobile will not accept your device. However, you can process a claim for its repair or replacement if you have insurance. 

When inspecting your screen for damages, take off your screen protector and phone case. Then, tilt the phone at different angles under good lighting to allow you to detect cracks that are not easily detectable. Note that scratches and scuff caused by normal wear and tear are acceptable.

Screen damage includes: 

1. Cracked screens 

2. Chipped glass or edges 

3. Crushed or shattered screen 

4. Pitch black screen, no pixel, and distortion

5. Repairs from unauthorized 3rd parties 

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions and answers. These FAQs will help you understand everything you need to know about T-Mobile insurance on the cracked phone screen. Let’s check it out!

Is A Cracked Screen Covered Under T-Mobile?

Yes, it is. If you are registered under any of T-Mobile’s insurance plans, it will cover screen damage, including cracked screens. Note that screen damage is not acceptable for replacement under warranty.

How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Cracked Phone At T-Mobile?

Repairing a cracked screen at T-Mobile costs around $29. However, you can pay a slightly higher or lower fee as some factors determine the cost.

Will T-Mobile Replace My Broken Phone?

T-Mobile’s 360 protection plan covers the repair and replacement of devices. In addition, their most comprehensive plan features several additional benefits, such as unlimited screen protector replacements.

How Long Does It Take T-Mobile To Replace A Phone?

Once your claim has been approved, your replacement will be shipped overnight at no additional cost to you. You should receive your replacement within two business days. 

For customers who provided their email addresses during their claim process, T-Mobile will provide you with tracking details concerning your device.


Accidents happen. Fortunately, we don’t have to be burdened with the consequences of these accidents. With the help of T-Mobile insurance, you can move on from the effect of these accidents by having your devices replaced or repaired at an affordable rate. 


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