How Do You Find The NAIC Number For Geico Insurance? (All You Need To Know!)

Geico Insurance

There are multiple ways to find Geico’s NAIC number without hassle. The easiest way is to check on your insurance ID card. You can also search for the Geico Insurance NAIC number on your policy declaration page. If you don’t have access to these documents, not to worry, you can also find the NAIC number for Geico insurance online either directly on Google or via the NAIC website. 

Insurance ID Card

Your insurance ID card is a documented proof of your insurance, while an insurance declaration page is another document that proves your insurance; you are not expected to carry it everywhere you go. 

Your ID card contains vital information that is handy for various circumstances, and its design allows you to carry it everywhere you go.

On it, you can find your policy number, what kind of insurance package you are registered under, and of course, your NAIC Number. 

While it may not be explicitly labeled as NAIC number or company number, it is easy to identify. 

Policy Declaration Page 

Another place you can find your NAIC number for Geico Insurance is on your policy declaration page. This document contains detailed information about your contract with the insurance company. So naturally, their company number would be within it.

Asides from your company’s NAIC number, other useful information on an insurance declaration page are details on how to contact the company, what type of policy you are under, and what your policy covers. 

Online Resources 

Lastly, you can consult the internet for Geico’s company number. You can either search Google directly for “Geico NAIC number” or visit NAIC’s website to search for the company number. 

Geico Insurance Numbers  

You should note that Geico offers consumers several policies, so it is important you specify whether you are after car insurance or property insurance; else, you will get the wrong number. 

If you are unsure what policy your insurance falls under, you can simply contact your company’s call center department and request their NAIC number. 

Company NameNAIC Number
Government Employees Insurance Company (GEICO)22063
GEICO General Insurance Company35882
GEICO Indemnity Company22055
GEICO Casualty Company41491
GEICO Advantage Insurance Company14138
GEICO Choice Insurance Company14139
GEICO Secure Insurance Company14137
GEICO County Mutual Insurance Company29181
GEICO Marine Insurance Company37923

Source: mgtblog

What Is A NAIC Number?

NAIC is an acronym for the National Association of Insurance Commission. Your NAIC number can also be referred to as your company number. NAIC is an organization-specific to the insurance industry, and its objective is to provide regulatory support. 

NAIC assigns a number to each company listed as an insurance company within US territory, and this number is referred to as the NAIC number or company number.

Why Is A NAIC Number Important?

Every company in existence is bound to a certain set of rules and regulations, either at the state level or federal level. 

The same rule applies to companies in the US. The first purpose of the NAIC number is to identify an insurance company’s rules and regulations it is expected to comply with. 

The second purpose of a company number is that you need it to file or report a claim. Think of a NAIC number as the equivalent to your policy number or subscriber ID. 

Without your subscriber ID, your insurance provider can’t verify you as one of their policyholders. In the same vein, without your company’s NAIC number, it would be difficult to trace relevant information on the company. 

NAIC provides detailed information on a company’s financial status and licenses. So if you wish to find out more about your company regarding how they have conducted themselves, you can do so using their NAIC number. 

It will give you assess to any previous complaints filed against them. 

To wrap it up, a company’s NAIC number makes things easier for the insurance client and the insurance bearer, and other agencies who may need it. 

Frequently Asked Questions: Geico NAIC Number

What Does NAIC Stand For?

NAIC stands for the National Association of Insurance Commission. It is a standard-setting and regulatory body in the US. 

Is NAIC Specific To The US Alone? 

Yes, it is. NAIC’s objective is to harmonize standards and regulations in the insurance industry across the US. However, we should point out that other countries have their multiple respective bodies with the same function as NAIC, and many of them may be similar to NAIC. A good example is the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS). 

Is NAIC And NAICS The Same?

No, they aren’t. These organizations are separate from each other. However, in terms of structure they are similar as they are set up to fulfill the same objective.

When Will I Need A NAIC Number? 

You will need your company NAIC number to learn more about your company.

With it, you can access consumer reports on their financial health and any fraud cases related to them. 

You can also use it to file a report or claim your company. You may also need to provide certain legal authorities like the DMV for documentation purposes. 

Can A Business Have More Than One NAIC Number?

Yes, some agencies will have more than one NAIC number, depending on the nature of their business. However, remember that NAIC codes are assigned based on the primary focus of an establishment. 

If a parent company (Geico) has subsidiaries spread across different sectors (automobile, casualty, indemnity, etc.), each company will be assigned a different NAIC number. 


The National Association of Insurance Commission is a standard-setting and regulatory body whose objective is to standardize the insurance industry across the United States of America. 

NAIC issues insurance companies a number used to state the company’s primary area of focus within the insurance industry. 

With this number, individuals can obtain useful information regarding their insurance company, such as its financial health status and licenses. 

You can find Geico’s NAIC number in your insurance card, in copies of your insurance documentation, or online. 

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