Do Insurance Companies Allow Ring Alarm Certificate? (Explained!)

Ring Alarm Certificate

The answer depends on your insurer. If your home or apartment has a professionally set up monitored security system, some insurance companies will offer you a discount on your renters’ policy. To see if they qualify for such discounts, ring alarm users provide a ring alarm certificate to their insurance companies. 

What Is A Ring Alarm, And How Does It Work?

What Is A Ring Alarm

A home security system is designed to protect your home- A ring alarm is an example of such a system. Usually, these systems are made up of security cameras, motion sensors, glass break sensors, sirens, smoke detectors, key fobs, and the list goes on. 

Ring’s alarm system is made up of the following components:

1. Keypad

2. Alarm sensors

3. Doorbells and cameras

4. Alarm accessory add-ons

5. Alexa Guard

6. Range extender

7. Base station / Pro base station

Ring is compatible with several devices such as:

1. Smart locks

2. Smart bulbs

3. Video doorbells and cameras

4. Speakers

5. TVs

6. Plugs and wall outlets

7. Garage doors

8. Thermostats, etc

There are also multiple types of security systems; we briefly discussed each type in the table below:

Do-it-yourself (DIY)DIY security systems are installed by the user and monitored by them. Although sometimes, DIY security systems have professional monitoring as well. 
ProfessionalA professional security system could mean:A technician professionally installs the security systemOr the system is monitored by a team who respond to alerts
WiredWired security systems are hardwired into the building’s electrical system.
WirelessWireless systems depend on batteries and internet backup to function. They are also easier to install compared to wired security systems.
SmartSmart systems work with an internet connection. This allows you to monitor them remotely and receive notifications when the alarm goes off.
LocalLocal alarm systems are the direct opposite of smart systems. They are not connected to the internet; hence there are notifications. If your alarm goes off, you will only know if you are close enough to hear it. However, technology has made it possible to monitor local systems via cell phones and landlines.

Ring’s security system is a combination of the types mentioned above. It is a DIY system that works without wires and with an internet connection; Hence it is a smart security system.

When your alarm goes off, it will notify you of a security breach by calling you. If you are not reachable, it will call your primary emergency contact. In a situation where both you and your primary emergency contact are unavailable, it will contact your secondary emergency contact.

Insurance Companies And Alarm Certificates

An alarm certificate or certificate of alarm is a document prepared by your monitoring company and sent to your insurer to indicate you have a monitored secured system installed in your home.

Usually, when the insurer receives this document, they offer a discount on your homeowner’s insurance.

Does Your Security System Meet Insurance Requirements?

Security System Insurance

For the purpose of insurance, your alarm system should be installed by competent technicians and should operate at a standard acceptable by the Police. 

Here are some things to note down:

1. Your system has a certificate of compliance from a UKAS accredited body

2. A unique reference number issued by the Police regarding your security system

3. Your system is monitored and approved by an Alarm Receiving Center (ARC)

Pros And Cons Of Home Security Systems


1. Security systems make it easy to contact emergency responders such as the police and firefighters when there is a safety breach.

2. Signage that a security system protects your home can deter robbers and burglars.

3. Security systems have entry sensors that notify us whether a door or window is locked or not.

4. Many insurance companies offer discounts for having security systems installed in your home.

5. The live streaming option is a great feature to constantly monitor what is happening in the house outside of crimes.


1. You have to remember to turn them on; if you leave the house and forget to turn on your security system, then the point of having one is defeated.

2. Now and then, your security system may send out a false alarm- these false alarms are a waste of time, and they are usually embarrassing to deal with

3. It may be slightly expensive to own a security system since some charge monthly fees that could be higher than $60 per month.

4. Home security systems are an expensive asset to own; some cost as much as $400 without installation costs and monthly subscriptions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Ring Monitoring Call The Police?

Yes, it does. There is an SOS response plan feature; it will first contact your primary emergency contact when triggered. Where your primary emergency contact is unavailable, a notification will be sent to the police, fire team, or medical response team based on your selection. 

Do Ring Cameras Record 24/7?

Ring cameras do not record continually; they time out. However, the cameras are designed to detect motion. The Ring pro allows you to set up parameters for what constitutes motion; you can record anything that moves within its field of view.

Does Ring Work Without Internet?

Your Ring system communicates with you via the internet, so if your Base Station loses connection for any reason, a cellular backup system will kick in automatically. Hence, the system continues to monitor your home.


The ring is a popular home security system that provides good affordable services. However, the question of whether your insurance company will offer you a discount for having their product installed in your home is best answered by your insurer. 


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