How Do You Cancel Progressive Insurance Online? (Well Explained!)

Cancel Progressive Insurance Online

Unfortunately, you cannot cancel your progressive insurance policy online. To cancel your policy, you have to contact a customer care representative over a phone call via 1-866-416-2003.

Provide the customer care representative with necessary information such as the effective cancellation date and the new carrier’s name you are switching to if that is the case. Don’t hesitate to find out if you can be refunded for any premiums paid in advance.

Reasons You Should Consider Having Another Policy Before Canceling 

Reasons Consider Having Another Policy Before Canceling 

Notice that when you cancel your auto insurance policy, they will ask you if you are switching to another carrier and ask you to provide details on them. 

It is advisable to have another policy you are switching to, and it should be effective on the cancellation date of your current policy. The reason why this is necessary is that driving without insurance is illegal. 

Depending on state laws where you reside, you may experience the following:

1. Fines on 

2. An issue with renewing vehicle registration

3. Your license may be suspended 

4. In extreme cases, you may face jail time

5. All these and more are reasons always to cancel your policy properly.

Progressive Auto Insurance – Review


According to a study conducted by Value Penguin, Progressive’s auto insurance rates are near competitor average. This means that compared with other options in the market, they are fairly priced. 

However, they discovered that Progressive offers the best rates for drivers with past accidents. However, young drivers rated Progressive rates among the least affordable.  

Progressive also provides a standard set of discounts to make its policies more affordable for customers.

Some of these discounts include: 

1. Start your quote online – begin the quote process online and purchase your policy via phone

2. Safe driver – three years without an accident or ticket

3. Multicar – insuring multiple cars with Progressive

4. Homeowner – owning a home even if it isn’t insured by Progressive

5. Continuous insurance – Maintain car insurance coverage without any gaps or cancellations

6. Pay in full – pay the total cost for your policy upfront, not monthly 

7. Sign documents online – sign your documents online when you purchase a policy


Progressive offers coverage for all the regular perils you experience in a car, such as collision and liability. In addition to this, they have some other unique coverages that we will share below. 

Pet Injury – Imagine your beloved pet is injured in a car accident. Wouldn’t it be nice if insurance covered the cost? Progressive’s pet injury coverage will take care of any medical bills associated with your pet’s accident. 

The coverage falls under your collision coverage, and though you may have pet insurance, it may be cheaper to file a claim from your auto insurance company where possible. 

Custom Parts And Equipment Value – Some folks love to pimp their rides. Progressive provides an avenue where customers who love customizing their vehicles can do so without fear of being at a loss should anything happen to their car. 

Gap Insurance – Gap insurance is a great investment for anyone who has recently purchased a car and is yet to complete payment for it. Should anything happen to this vehicle before repayment is complete, Progressive will step in to fill the gap on your payment. 

Rental Reimbursement – Being completely immobile after an accident can be difficult. Should you decide to rent a vehicle when your car is unavailable, this coverage reimburses you for the amount spent on renting a vehicle. 

Standard PoliciesOther Policies
Liability CoveragePet Injury
Medical PaymentsRental Reimbursement
Collision CoverageGap Insurance
Comprehensive CoverageCustom Parts and Equipment Value
Uninsured Motorist Property
Uninsured/Underinsured Bodily Injury

Customer Satisfaction

Progressive customer service is available 24 hours round the clock. They pride themselves in being attentive customers seven days a week, all year round. 

In 2020 they were awarded a 0.68 complaint score by the National Association of Insurance Commission (NAIC). This is a relatively good score as it is below the average complaint score of 1.0. This would mean that customers are satisfied with the service they get to a large extent.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Cancel My Progressive Insurance Policy?

You can cancel your policy via phone call. Simply contact a customer care representative at 1-866-416-2003, and after providing them with the necessary information, your policy will be canceled. Don’t feel shy to inquire about refunds on advanced premium payments. 

Does Progressive Charge A Cancellation Fee?

Yes, they do. If you cancel your policy within its first term, they will charge you a cancellation fee of $50. However, if your policy has been renewed and you wish to cancel it, the cancellation fee is no longer applicable.

Can I Cancel My Policy At Any Time?

Most insurance policies will allow you to cancel your policy at any time. All that is required is to inform them that you wish to have them cancel your policy. Usually, it is best to write a notice with the effective cancellation date. And we recommend letting your insurer know when you switch to a new carrier.

Does Cancelling My Insurance Affect My Credit?

Cancelling your insurance policy will not affect your credit score as long as you do it properly. For example, if you pay for your insurance annually, there’s no effect on your credit score. However, if you pay for it every month, there will be some effect. 

It is advisable to call your insurer and inform them that you want your policy cancelled instead of stopping your direct debit without prior notice.


Like most insurance companies, Progressive does not allow you to cancel your policy online. Rather, they provided an avenue for you to do so over the phone. In our belief, this is an equally convenient way to manage your policy as it does not require you to physically travel to a nearby branch. 


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