Why Do Geico Commercials Have Nothing To Do With Insurance?(Explained!)

Geico Commercials

Before now, insurance commercials were all the same. It was almost like every company had the formula to map out their advertisements. First, there was a happy family and a voiceover by someone who narrated how the family’s happiness was rooted in being covered against most forms of calamity. 

The second formula used fear to get the attention of potential clients. The videos would be riddled with horrific fire outbreaks, natural disasters, or ghastly motor accidents. Some could follow the route of parents dying off with no one to protect their children. 

The objective of such advertisements was to remind you of how quickly and severely things could go wrong. Not only that, they painted a picture of what was in store for you if you were not prepared. 

The final piece of the insurance commercial equation is the testimonials from satisfied customers and monologues from agents who represent their companies’ values. 

Fast forward to modern time, you’d hardly see insurance commercials following the same dreary pattern from decades ago. One of the first companies to break the cycle was Geico Insurance, and we’re going to tell you why. 

Insurance & Advertising 

Whenever you hear the word insurance, what comes to mind? Could you take a minute to think about it? We bet all the answers were negative, weren’t they? 

That’s why Geico had to think outside the box. They were able to see insurance for what it was in the people’s minds- a plague. Insurance isn’t sexy like Madonna in a playsuit; neither does it make you feel good like when Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas comes on. 

The truth is people would rather not think about insurance. Teenagers don’t care if USAA has better rates than Progressive; they care about sports, music, and careers. 

Even the older generation would rather spend their money on something else than pay insurance premiums. 

The summary is insurance is a burden that people aren’t willing to bear, but with the right marketing, insurance providers can convince customers that the burden can be lightened. 

The Power of Branding 

Here’s the thing about insurance, you will need it in the future. Your case might not be something horrible like a car accident or an earthquake. It could be needing your prescription glasses replaced or covering the medical cost of your Aunt Linda, who tripped on your rug during Thanksgiving. 

Whatever the case, there will come a time where you do need insurance, and you will have to reach out to two or three companies to get their quotes but guess what? Regardless of what rates you get back, the company you will choose is the one with the largest shares in your mind. 

The goal of any insurance advertisement is to create engagement and be top of mind. That’s why Geico won’t stop reminding you that you could save 15% on your car insurance in 15 minutes. 

And for the criticism about Geico’s commercials not having anything to do with insurance, they don’t need it to. They are at a point where anybody who hears their name automatically knows that their company sells insurance. 

They can also diversify into other industries, and people would willingly buy their services. Why, you ask? It’s because of the brand name already established. 

Geico isn’t a company that just sprouted from the ground; it’s been around for years. And for the number of years, it’s been in existence, you’ve been consciously and unconsciously digesting content from the brand. 

Geico’s Commercials and Why They work 


Gecko was introduced in 1999 as Geico’s mascot through the Martin Agency, and 22 years later, he’s become the most notable character in Geico’s commercials. He has even voted America’s favorite advertising icon in 2005. 

In his debut, he explains why it’s crucial to let a mascot rope in customers. Generations have grown up watching him on their screens, and thanks to him, they’ll be sticking with Geico for a long time. 

Gecko represents customer trust in a brand; if your customers don’t trust you, they won’t patronize you. 

Caveman at the Airport 

In this commercial, we see a man in an airport on their way to catch a flight when he comes across a Geico billboard. The billboard displays the picture of a caveman and a computer with the caption “so easy a caveman can do it.” 

Needless to say that many people view insurance as something abstract and complicated, but Geico debunked this myth with their simple ad. 

Maxwell the Pig 

Another beloved character in Geico’s adverts is Maxwell, the pig. In this ad, we have two air hostesses walk up to Maxwell, asking him to switch off his word game as the plane is about to take off. 

He then explains that he’s not playing a game but using his Geico app. He even goes further to talk about all that can be done using the application, and the air hostesses doubt him saying, “I’ll believe that when pigs fly.” 

The message in this commercial is that Geico insurance is accessible no matter your location twenty-four hours round the clock. 

Caleb be Humpday Camel 

Caleb, the camel, goes around the office super excited. He annoyingly asks the office staff what day it is, ignoring him. Unfazed, he continues searching for who will answer his question and gets an answer from someone in the end. 

The ad then transitions to two men who explain that Geico insurance users are happier than a camel on hump day. This is because they receive top-notch service that saves them money. 

What do all these commercials have in common? 

• An interesting character 

• An unusual scenario 

• Clear messaging 

Each advert is marked by an interesting character (Gecko, Caleb, Maxwell, and the Caveman) in an unusual scenario (the airport, an office), and they all pass a clear message (Geico insurance is trustworthy, easy, and saves money) 

You can watch the commercials we mentioned using the links below:

Caveman at the Airporthttps://youtu.be/H02iwWCrXew
Maxwell the Pighttps://youtu.be/XZ55MUlQgpQ
Caleb the HumpDay Camelhttps://youtu.be/G2s0RPrdB_8

Geico commercials prove that it doesn’t matter if you sell something as unsexy as insurance. With the right marketing strategy, you can connect with your audience and generate genuine interest in your brand. This is achieved using content that entertains, inspires, and tells a great story. 

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