Where Can I Get My Braces Removed Without Insurance? (Find Out Now!)

Braces Removed Without Insurance

You can remove your braces without insurance through various means such as visiting dental schools, registering under dental assistance programs, and arranging a payment schedule with your orthodontist. These methods and more are discussed in detail later in the article. Of course, you should take out your braces with the person who installed them in the first place, but this might not always be possible. 

Naturally, taking out your braces without insurance should cost more than when you have insurance, but this is not always the case.

In the next section, we listed multiple ways to remove your braces without insurance.

Cost-Effective Alternatives For Removing Your Braces Without Insurance

Alternatives For Removing Your Braces Without Insurance

Below we listed several ways you can remove your braces without breaking the bank:

Go for Inexpensive Options

Braces are expensive to get, and they are just as expensive to take off; this is especially true when delving in without insurance. Therefore, we would advise you to discuss with your dentist other alternatives that may fit your budget.

Some braces are made from less expensive materials and require fewer doctor visits. These types of braces could aid in cutting costs.

Go to a Dental School

Rethink visiting a dental clinic and opt for a dental school in your neighborhood. It is common for students to carry out dental procedures such as braces removal under supervision.

Such arrangements do not require you to pay large sums of money. Typically, volunteers are asked to contribute with a few supplies or equipment. You can locate a suitable dental school by looking up the Commission on Dental Accreditation’s directory.

Negotiate for a Payment Schedule

Fortunately, several dental clinics provide payment plans for patients who do not have insurance. In collaboration with finance companies, orthodontists have devised flexible payment plans that are less expensive than credit financing.

Consider Opening a Flexible Spending Account or Health Spending Account 

Not all dental plans are comprehensive, so it is possible that your current dental plan may not cover the cost of removing your braces. However, this doesn’t mean all hope is lost.

Your employer may offer to open a flexible or health spending account for you. The money deposited into this account is not liable to tax, meaning you get to save some dollars. 

If you contribute regularly, you can use the money to offset certain expenses when they arise, like your co-pays, doctor visits, and braces removal.

Explore Dental Assistance Programs

Dental assistance programs aim to provide dental services to low-income earners or low-income families. In addition, some nonprofit organizations may handle your dental costs.

In other circumstances, the program will direct you to clinics that conduct these procedures for free with the aid of volunteer dentists. 

Cost Of Removing Braces 

Cost Of Removing Braces 

Taking out your braces can be as expensive as getting them installed; in the US, the average cost for braces removal ranges from $100 – $500. A major factor contributing to this cost is the material of the braces and how apparent they are.

Metal Wired Braces 

These are the most common braces and the ones virtually everyone is familiar with. These braces are made with titanium, nickel, stainless steel, and even gold. It all depends on your preference. These types of braces cost $400 – $500 to be removed. 

Ceramic Wired Braces

In structure, these are similar to metal wired braces; the difference is in the material. Ceramic braces are made using plastic. The plastic is transparent hence making them less apparent since they match the color of your teeth. A major disadvantage with these is that they are more prone to breakage. Removing ceramic braces will cost you $150 – $200.

Lingual Braces

These braces, like ceramic braces, are preferred over the metal wired ones for cosmetic reasons. They are placed on the reversed side of your teeth, meaning no one will know you have braces since they are not visible.

However, getting these braces is time-consuming and complex. Without insurance, removing lingual braces will cost you $300 – $450.

Clear Braces

The best way to picture clear braces is to picture transparent retainers. They are custom-made and perform the same function as braces without wires and brackets. Unfortunately, taking out these braces will cost you $400 – $500.

The table below contains type of braces and the cost of removal without insurance.

Type of BracesRemoval Cost without Insurance
Metal Wired Braces$400 – $500
Ceramic Braces $150 – $200
Lingual Braces$300 – $450
Clear Braces$400 – $500

Preparing your Mind for Braces Removal

People who brace are often excited at the thought of getting to take them off someday; this is expected. They’ve gone through a long process of correcting their teeth and are ready to flaunt their new smile.

However, the thought of having their braces removed causes some people anxiety, which shouldn’t be the case. Often, they worry about the process and what life without braces will be like.

Taking out your braces is time-consuming, and it may cause you some anxiety. However, once removed, you will notice your teeth are more sensitive than usual; this is a normal sensation and should not cause you any worry.

Suppose you have been religious in observing your dental hygiene practices; your teeth will come out bright and white without your braces. However, it remains your responsibility to continue observing these practices for a healthy smile.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take off my braces myself?

No, you cannot. Only a licensed professional can take off braces.

What will happen if I leave my braces on for too long?

Wearing your braces longer than necessary is not a good idea, and you should avoid the situation. If you leave your braces on for too long, you will develop multiple dental diseases like tartar and gum.

What is the average cost of braces?

Adults spend an average of $6000 on braces, according to a survey conducted by the American Dental Association.


Taking out your braces is an exciting moment, and you deserve to enjoy it. Don’t let the thought of the cost worry you just because you don’t have insurance.

Choose one or more of the alternatives discussed in this article and enjoy your new smile.


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