Does Walmart Vision Center Insurance Accept Medicaid? (Explained!)

Walmart Vision Center

Several Walmart Vision Centers are known to accept Medicaid. However, you should note that Medicaid-approved stores differ from state to state. This means that certain factions of the same store can accept or deny Medicaid. 

Even though a large number of Walmart vision centers accept Medicaid, we would advise you to get in touch with the center you intend to visit. Also, place a call to Medicaid to confirm if your state allows their services.

Medicaid is a public insurance program that started in the 60s. It is funded by both the state and federal governments to provide affordable eye care to American citizens. 

The way each Medicaid center differs across states means it is possible to be eligible for their services in Texas but not in California. 

Medicaid covers a large range of services, and some of them are mandatory- these include hospital and physician care, x-ray, and laboratory services for adults. They also conduct Early and Periodic, Screening, Diagnostic, and Treatment benefits for children under 21.

Walmart Vision Center 

Walmart Vision Center 

Walmart’s Vision Centers offer a variety of services ranging from eye examinations, eyewear, and prescription medications. If your Medicaid plan includes coverage for vision-related issues, there is a high chance that your local Walmart will accept them. 

Remember that not all Walmart’s vision centers accept Medicaid, so it is necessary to place a local to your local Walmart vision center and enquire on whether they accept Medicaid or not.

If your local store accepts Medicaid, you can move forward with booking an appointment. However, you may have to make out-of-pocket payments such as co-pays or co-insurance based on your plan. 

Walmart Pharmacy

Walmart Pharmacy

There is a high chance that your Walmart pharmacy will accept your Medicaid if it covers prescription medication. In truth, most Walmart pharmacies accept Medicaid. However, there is no harm in calling the pharmacy to verify that the Walmart branch you intend to visit will accept your insurance.

Walmart Care Clinic

Walmart’s care clinic is similar to an urgent care facility. They offer the same services that urgent care centers do, such as treating minor illnesses and caring for less severe injuries such as bruises. 

Walmart care clinics aren’t available at all Walmart stores; however, you can find them in most Georgia, Texas, and South Carolina stores. 

Just like with most Walmart facilities, you have to place a call to know whether they accept Medicaid or not. 

What Insurance Does Walmart Vision Center Accept?

Walmart’s vision centers accept most major insurance providers; however, this is limited to eye examinations and in-store purchases.

The best way to confirm if Walmart will accept your insurance at Walmart is to call a Walmart representative and enquire on this matter.

From the company website, Walmart is an out-of-network provider for:

1. VSP

2. Spectra

3. Eyemed

4. Davis Vision

5. Cole Managed Vision

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Difference Between Medicare And Medicaid?

The difference between these two is that Medicare gets its funding from the federal level only, while Medicaid is funded at the federal and state level.

They also target different demographic groups. For example, Medicaid targets low-income earners, whereas Medicare targets below 65 and older, people of all ages with disabilities, and people with end-stage renal conditions. Finally, Medicaid covers a wider range of services when compared with Medicare. 

FundingFederal and State Federal 
EligibilityLow-income earners65 and older, people with disabilities

How Good Are Walmart Vision Center’s Personnel?

Some people are under the impression that they need to spend a lot of money to get quality service, but this isn’t always the case.

Walmart offers the best optometrists at affordable rates in terms of eye examinations. In addition, all doctors at Walmart are trained and certified. 

We would advise you to avoid switching prescriptions when visiting Walmart’s vision center. It is assumed that your current doctor has better knowledge of your medical history and is better positioned to recommend treatment for you.

Is Walmart Vision Center Right For Me?

There’s no denying that Walmart’s Vision Center is a great option for many citizens. Over the years, they have portrayed themselves as a cost-effective and efficient alternative for catering to people’s eye needs.

The company offers services to a staggering six million people per year. They are also the second largest provider of optical services in America. Based on this, it is safe to say you won’t regret making a switch to Walmart Vision Center.

What Benefits can I Get at Walmart With Medicaid?

The federal and state government funds Medicaid to provide affordable health care for American citizens. The state determines who is eligible for Medicaid, meaning you can be eligible in one state but not in another. 

All users of Medicaid are entitled to mandatory or optional benefits, which include x-rays, lab tests, and even family planning. Other benefits are clinical services, prescription, and optometry.

Since each Walmart store is unique in its way, it is possible that some of the services are not available at the center you intend to visit because they are optional. 


Medicaid is an integral part of American society because it provides coverage for millions of citizens. But unfortunately, while most Walmart facilities accept Medicaid, their in-store services like the care clinic or the vision center may not always accept Medicaid.

Also, eligibility requirements differ across states, and for this reason, you have to confirm your eligibility with the center you intend to visit.


Does Walmart Vision Center Accept Medicaid?

Does Walmart Vision Center Accept Medicaid? Answered

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