Do USPS First-Class Packages Come With Insurance Even If I Haven’t Purchased Any?

USPS First Class Package Insurance

No, it does not. USPS first class packages do not come with automatic insurance; you have to purchase it. However, it comes with tracking at no additional cost. Note that first-class mail postcards, letters, and flats do not come with tracking. However, they are eligible for other extra services. 

USPS First Class Packages

USPS First Class Packages

USPS first class mail and first-class package are the least expensive and most speedy options for delivering postcards, letters, large envelopes(flats), and parcels. These services are also available to commercial customers at a discounted price – commercial pricing. 

The estimated delivery timeline for USPS first-class packages is 1-3 days, and it starts counting from the day it is postmarked. In some cases where the distance is reasonably quick, the delivery may occur within the same day. As we mentioned earlier, this mail service comes with free USPS tracking.

What To Do If My Package Is Not Delivered?

What To Do If My Package Is Not Delivered

If, after five days, your package has not arrived, you can make a mail loss complaint either by mailing USPS or calling their careline at 1-800-275-8777. If their agents locate your package, it will be returned to you.

Note that First-class package retail does not include insurance against loss, damage, and missing items. However, they are eligible for extra services that come with insurance.

Filing A Claim With USPS

Like many other carriers, USPS allows you to file claims online for convenience. All you need is to provide the required documentation and follow the steps highlighted below:

The first step is to log in to your portal on the USPS online claims site; if you don’t have an account, you need to create one

The following step is to provide relevant details concerning the package, such as the tracking number, label, shipping date, and any other detail they may request

Explain your reason for filing a claim without missing any details. For example, let the carrier know whether the package is lost, stolen, damaged, etc. It is important the information given in this stage is accurate to ensure your claim is processed quickly.

Upload proof of value – most carriers require their users to declare the item’s value being shipped. Therefore, when filing a claim, you will need to prove that the value declared is authentic. An invoice or a receipt is a common and easy way to do this.

Provide evidence of insurance – note that USPS does not keep records for who purchases their insurance. If you lose your receipt and they request for it would make it difficult to continue with your claim 

USPS advises you to properly care for a damaged package or has some items missing. For claims made against such packages, it serves as evidence used in verifying such claim is true. Failure to comply with this will result in rejection or denial of your claim.

Importance Of USPS Shipping Insurance

The importance of shipping insurance can’t be overemphasized; that is why we couldn’t pass up dedicating a section to it briefly:

Assured/Guaranteed Assistance

There’s a lot that could go wrong in the shipping business, and sometimes these mishaps can cost you a lot. And we aren’t just talking about money, and having shipping insurance guarantees that you won’t have to bear these costs alone. 

Improved Goodwill

Remember we said that a shipping mishap could cost you more than money. Study shows that 84% of customers who experience a poor delivery service never order from that brand again. 

To prevent losing your entire customer base, it helps to provide immediate replacement or reimbursement in cases of shipping accidents. If you have shipping insurance, this is easier to do. 

Ease Of Running Business

Registering with an insurance provider lessens the stress involved with running a business. In addition, the assistance provided makes it possible to continue running your business cause another shipping insurance handles the shipping snags.

Who Should I Buy Shipping Insurance?

Any business that delivers its item should consider purchasing shipping insurance. It is especially recommended for businesses that:

1. Deals with luxury brands – luxury items are more susceptible to theft

2. Offer international deliveries – passing through several modes of transportation increases a package’s likelihood of getting lost or damaged.

3. Electronics and fragile items

4. Have the most sales during festive seasons like Christmas

USPS First Class Package Retail And Commercial – What’s The Difference?

Delivery timeline2-5 days2-5 days
Maximum weight13 ounces 15.99 ounces
Dimension requirementsNot more than 108 inches in height and girthNot more than 108 inches in height and girth
Postal InspectionProtected against postal inspectionNot protected against postal inspection
Packageable contentAnything mailable including Bills and statements of accounts Handwritten or typewritten documents Personal informationAnything mailable except Bills and statement of accounts and written or typewritten documents personal information

As you can see, there are no major differences between both services. Both are inexpensive ways to mail your parcels. While price is dependent on the weight of the item being mailed, USPS first-class package commercial enjoys more discounted prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions and answers. These FAQs will help you understand everything you need to know about USPS first-class package. Let’s check it out!

How Does The USPS First-class Package Work?

USPS first-class package is a low-cost mailing service that allows you to ship packages weighing up to 15.99 ounces. The parcel’s dimensions cannot exceed 108 inches in height and girth combined. These items can be packaged in multiple ways.

Does USPS First-class Package Include Packaging?

USPS does not offer to package for its first-class packages; you have to provide your packaging. However, your packaging can range from an envelope or a branded box. There are no limitations.

How Long Does It Take To Receive My Package?

Items sent through first-class packages take 1-5 days to receive their final destination. However, when the distance is reasonably short, the parcel may be delivered within the same day.


USPS first-class package is the best option for anyone who wants to ship lightweight parcels at an affordable rate. The delivery is speedy, and you are free to purchase additional services such as insurance since this mail service doesn’t come with insurance. However, it comes with free tracking.


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