Does T-Mobile Cover Lost Phones If You Have Insurance? (Explained!)

t mobile lost phones insurance

Yes, they do. T-Mobile has three tiers of insurance, and each one provides coverage for lost or stolen devices, as well as their accessories. They also provide coverage for damaged devices, technical support, and upgrades. If you don’t have T-Mobile insurance and would like to purchase a policy, we advise you to go for their Protection 360 package. 

Locate Or Lock Your Device

After you realize your device has been stolen or that it is lost, you have the option to locate it or lock it. You can also reach out to T-Mobile for help; they can block your device via the IMEI number to ensure nobody else can use it. 

Apple Devices 

Apple Devices 

Check Apple Support for more comprehensive information on locating a lost or stolen Apple device. In addition, you can use the iPhone or iPad of a friend to locate yours by selecting the “help a friend” option on the Find My app. 

You’ll be given several options to help you locate your device, such as: 

1. Play Sound – most device location applications or websites have this feature. It causes your phone to ring loudly even if it is on silent. Some devices ring even when turned off

2. Directions – Get directions to your phone’s current location

3. Mark as Lost – You can remotely lock your device and set up a custom message such as your contact information on your screen. You can also disable your Apple Pay account if it is set up. 

4. Erase this Device – Erases all the information you have on your device; however, this option disables the Find My app on your device.



From the Samsung find my mobile site, you have the following options:

1. Ring – make the device ring wherever it is, even if it is on silent

2. Lock – you can lock certain features on your phone. For example, you can set your phone to display your contact info or a message on the home screen, lock your Samsung pay account, or prevent the phone from being turned off.

3. Track Location – location tracking is the most effective way to find your missing device. Samsung allows you to track your device’s most recent location every 15 minutes.

4. Erase Data – allows you to wipe out all data on your Samsung device

5. Backup – remotely back up your data to your cloud account

6. Unlock – unlock your device in a situation where you don’t remember your passcode, password, pattern, etc.

7. Extend Battery Life – turns on the maximum power saving mode on your device to extend its battery life.

Blackberry Protect

Blackberry protect provides you with several options to locate your stolen or lost device. These include: 

1. View location – mapping the current location of your device is one of the easiest ways to find it when it is lost or stolen

2. Play a sound – make your phone ring out loudly no matter its location, even if it is switched off. This could help you find the device if you are in a close enough range to hear the sound.

3. Display a message – show a customized message on your home screen even when your device is locked. For example, this could be detailed on contacting you and returning the phone.

4. Lock the device – You can set a new password or lock your device with this feature to limit access to your device.

5. Wipe the device – it is possible you have highly sensitive data on your phone. With this feature, you can wipe it off.

6. Flag as stolen – from the site, you can flag the phone as stolen and permanently delete all its data.

Lookout Mobile Security

Lookout is an app that protects your device against malware and allows you to backup data and manage your device remotely. In addition, the app has a find my device feature, which could help locate your device. 

With the “scream” feature, you can raise the alarm from your device even if it is on silent mode. The phone will not only sound an alarm, but the screen will light up, and the entire device will vibrate. You can turn off this feature from the app once you’ve found your device. 

Another feature on the app that increases your chances of finding your phone is the signal flare. With it, you can trace your device’s last location when the phone is low. You can access this feature from the missing device section on the lookout website.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions and answers. These FAQs will help you understand everything you need to know about T-Mobile insurance on lost phones. Let’s check it out!

Why Should I Notify T-Mobile When My Device Is Stolen?

T-Mobile is in partnership with several government agencies and wireless carriers worldwide to enable them to block your device when it is lost or stolen. When you report your phone as lost or stolen, they block it using its IMEI number. This prevents the person who stole it or found it from using it.

Should you find your phone after it has been blocked, unblocking it is easy.

Should I Suspend My Line When I Lose My Device?

Yes, you should. Suspending your line will help you avoid additional charges from whoever has the phone in their possession. Not to mention, you can restore your service if you find your phone later.

Does Losing My Phone Affect My Bill?

No, it does not. If your phone is lost or stolen, you will still need to pay your bills as at when due. If you no longer wish to continue with T-Mobile’s services, request cancellation. 

I Found My Device; What Next?

You may find the phone you reported lost or stolen later. Use the app or website login to your account to notify T-Mobile that your device has been found. They will walk you through the unblocking process. 


T-Mobile insurance offers coverage for a comprehensive list of perils that could befall your device. However, like most companies, they will not cover you for damage due to your negligence or misuse. 


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