State Farm Insurance Agent Salary (All You Need To Know!)

State Farm Insurance Agent Salary

State Farm has a reputation for being one of the largest insurance companies in the United States, and their agents earn an average of $37,831 annually. 

People sometimes argue that it isn’t profitable to be a state farm insurance agent. However, the argument only holds strong waters in big cities. If you are a state farm insurance agent, you will be comfortable with the salary when you stay in a smaller city. 

Most state farm agents say that they love the stability that comes with the job as they are always sure of getting their salaries. In addition, they also add that it serves as a good training ground for professionals. 

Who Is A State Farm Insurance Agent? 

Who Is A State Farm Insurance Agent

A state farm insurance agent works with the state farm group of companies, helping to sell the company’s product. Thus, the insurance agent is responsible for bringing customers into the company. 

Typically, the agent has to reach out to people and market the company’s product. In the case of the state farm insurance agent, the person has to sell only the state farm’s products to the customer. In addition, the agent helps the customer also to select the right insurance package. After all, it should be common knowledge that insurance packages are not a one-size-fits-all concept. Therefore, people get to pick what best fits their needs.

With the state farm insurance company, you will get a variety of insurance packages. The company offers insurance packages on medical, life, auto, pet, businesses, and more.

Aside from using a state farm agent, you can go to their website to get quotes on different insurance packages. So, it helps you prepare yourself before meeting with the state farm insurance agent. 

To get the insurance quote on their website, you must choose a package and input your zip code. Understandably, the cost or price may differ depending on your region. 

If you doubt anything, the state farm insurance agent will always be there to serve as your guide. 

State farm insurance company ranks high in terms of reputation as it has been in existence since 1922. Below is a table showing its CEOs since its inception:

George Mecherle 1922 – 1937
Raymond Mecherle 1937 – 1954 
Adlai Rust 1954 – 1970 
Edward Rust Sr. 1970 – 1985 
Edward Rust Jr. 1985 – 2015 
Michael Tipsord  2015 – present 

Salaries Of State Farm Insurance Agents 

Salaries Of State Farm Insurance Agents 

Suppose you are curious about what state farm insurance agents earn, we will talk about the salaries in this section of the article. 

Below shows the salaries of state farm insurance agents in some of the US states.

1. Florida ($45,197): The highest a state farm insurance agent in Florida will earn is $45,197 annually. However, entry-level agents will earn lower than this figure. 

2. Texas ($40,993): Annually, state farm insurance agents earn $40,993 in Texas. 

As you can see, the figures fluctuate based on experience level and also differs based on cities. 

Below Is A Table Showing More Cities And The Salaries That State Farm Insurance Agents Earn In These Cities.

Alabama $29,866
Alaska $37,460
California $39,708

Perks Of Being A State Farm Insurance Agent 

Being a state farm insurance agent comes with its perks, and some of them will be highlighted below.

They are: 

1. Flexible Schedule: As a state farm insurance agent, you get to enjoy flexibility in your work schedule. It shows that you will not easily experience fatigue on the job as you will get some days off while working. In addition, you will see a work rotation in the team, ensuring that everyone has a great working experience. 

2. Retirement Plan: One of the things that state farm insurance agents enjoy is getting a retirement plan. The company is committed to the welfare of their employees, so they ensure to set up a retirement plan for these employees. Of course, not every company will do this for their staff, so it is a top-notch benefit. 

3. Paid time off: Unfortunately, not all companies pay their staff during their time off. But state farm insurance agents enjoy this benefit. So, they are sure that there won’t be any deductions from their salary during their time off. 

4. Insurance: When you are a state farm insurance agent, you will enjoy their insurance packages. It only makes sense that their employees enjoy and benefit from their products and services, as it helps these agents sell the products better. 

These are some of the perks of being a state farm insurance agent, so it should not be surprising to see people considering the offer. Such offers with their salary make the job bearable and worth it. 

What Does It Take To Become A State Farm Insurance Agent? 

With the knowledge of the salary and the benefits that state farm insurance agents enjoy, you might be wondering what it takes to be a part of them. 

Typically, you will need knowledge of insurance and finance. And you will need certifications to back up the claim. 

However, you will also need to be committed and trustworthy. For example, when working for this company, you must sell only their products to the customers. Else, there will be consequences. 


Some of the frequently asked questions are:

How Much Money Can You Make As A State Farm Insurance Agent?

As a state farm insurance agent, the amount you will make depends on your level and city. Therefore, we cannot give an exact figure as it will differ. However, we see that state farm insurance agents make between $10 – $20 hourly. 

Is It Profitable To Be A State Farm Insurance Agent? 

We would say that it is profitable to be a state farm insurance agent. After all, people will not be applying for such a job role if it is not profitable. 

Are Insurance Agents Happy?

Research by career explorers shows that insurance agents rank in the bottom 2% of people with happy careers. It does not matter where they work, but insurance agents are not the happiest professionals you will meet or find. 


The salary of a state farm insurance agent is below the national average salary in the United States. However, it is a peculiar problem for all insurance agents.

But state farm insurance agents enjoy other benefits with their salary.

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