How Do You Register A Car With Only A Learner’s Permit And Car Insurance? (Detailed Information!)

Car Learners Permit And Car Insurance

It is impossible to register a car with only a permit. In addition, registering a car requires you to have a valid driver’s license. To register a car without a license, the car will be registered in the name of a licensed friend or relative. Alternatively, the car can be jointly registered with you and a licensed driver. 

Buying a car is relatively easy; all you need is access to the money to purchase one. Hence, it is easy to buy a car without a valid driver’s license. However, things become trickier when it gets to registering the vehicle and insuring it.

How To Register A Vehicle

It is a non-negotiable requirement to have a valid driver’s license when registering a vehicle in your name. This means that you must obtain a driver’s license to drive a legally compliant car. 

After you have obtained your license, the rest becomes easy. Usually, registering a vehicle involves taking your valid license, proof of insurance, and car title to your local DMV. 

They’ll instruct you on anything you need to do and issue you a registration and license plate once you’ve fulfilled all their requirements. 

How To Purchase Insurance With A Learner’s Permit

 Purchase Insurance With A Learners Permit

The process of purchasing car insurance without a valid license is a bit of a hassle. However, it is easy to work around these limitations as long as you have someone to stand in as a primary driver who is duly licensed. 

Insurance companies believe that someone else will drive the vehicle you wish to insure, especially because a learner’s permit grants you permission to drive with a licensed adult in the car. 

In a typical situation, the primary driver is someone you are close to you and who lives with you. This makes it easy to list them under your car policy.

If the primary driver you selected does not live with you, they will need to have the vehicle titled in their name. After doing so, they can add you as a driver to the car policy.

Leaner’s Permit 

Virtually anyone who intends to be a licensed driver starts with a learner’s permit. With a learner’s permit, you can take a driving test that qualifies you to obtain your driver’s license. A driver’s license gives you unrestricted driving powers under the law in any state. 

In the early stages of driving with a license, you must gather behind-the-wheel experience up to a certain number of hours. You are also expected to take driving classes during this period. 

The number of hours required varies by state, so it is best to check in with your state of residence on what their requirements are.

It is advisable to take on extra driving courses during this period. For example, a defensive driving course could educate you on specific ways to drive safely and avoid accidents on the road. In addition, such training could prompt insurance companies to offer a discount on your auto insurance. 

you shouldn’t overlook this benefit since insurance rates for teen/young drivers or drivers with no prior experience is usually on the high side. 

Registration Limitations With A Learner’s Permit

There is no way to register a car in your name with only a learner’s permit and car insurance. This is because a mandatory requirement for car registration is a valid driver’s license. 

To register a car without a license, you would need to have the car registered under the name of a licensed driver you are familiar with. You can equally have the car jointly registered with you and the licensed driver.

Insurance Limitations With A Learner’s Permit

Insurance companies do not offer insurance directly to drivers who do not have a license. Usually, your parent’s car policy is enough to cover you as a driver; this means you don’t need to be listed on their car policy. 

However, once you obtain your driver’s license, you must be listed as a driver under their car policy to continue enjoying the coverage. Alternatively, you can also purchase a separate auto insurance policy for yourself. 

Tips To Lowering The Cost Of Car Insurance As An Unlicensed Driver

As a young driver, getting insurance is relatively easy since you will be added to your parent’s policy. Unfortunately, this could spike the amount they spend on insurance premiums. Inexperienced and teen drivers are usually charged higher premiums.

Luckily, a few things can influence these costs, such as discounts. Some of the most commonly applied ones include:

1. Excellent grades in school

2. Bundling home and auto insurance

3. Anti-theft devices 

4. Away-at-school discounts

5. Good credit scores

6. Clean driving records

7. Driver safety classes that surpass the minimum requirement

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions and answers. These FAQs will help you understand everything you need to know about the registration of cars with only a learner’s permit. Let’s check it out!

Do I Need Car Insurance With A Learner’s Permit?

You do not need to purchase an insurance policy in the early stages of learning how to drive a car. Typically, learners have to practice with the car of a close friend or family member while they are seated in the car.

In most cases, their insurance policy will cover you as well. However, we advise your family member or friend to call their insurance provider to confirm that you are protected during these driving sessions. 

Once you acquire your driver’s license, they will need to add you to their policy. You can also go ahead to purchase a policy of your own if it is cheaper. 


With a learner’s permit, you are restricted to do many things under the law, such as driving without supervision and registering your vehicle. It even causes some difficulty insuring your car, though you can work around this. 

Our advice for you is to work towards getting a valid driver’s license, so you enjoy the unrestricted perks of being a driver in any state.  


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