Does The New Car Insurance Grace Period From Geico Hold Up In Court Against A Ticket For No Insurance? (Find Out Today!)

New Car Insurance Grace Period From Geico

No, it does not. In the context of insurance, a grace period is a window of time assigned to you by the insurance company after missing a payment on your policy. If you fail to make a payment during this grace period, Geico will cancel your policy. 

This means that a grace period does not directly have anything to do with proving your vehicle is registered for insurance. 

When you purchase a policy, certain documents such as a policy declaration page and a member ID card are issued to prove insurance.

However, individuals who already have insurance but fail to make timely payments for their premium will be given a grace period to pay up before their insurance is canceled. Should they fail to do so, the insurer will cancel their policy, and this will cause a lapse in their coverage.

If you are given a ticket for driving with no insurance, you will not be able to defend yourself in court since your default in payment has caused a lapse in your coverage.

Geico Grace Period

Geico Grace Period

Geico has a grace period of nine days for late premium payments; if you make a payment within your grace period, you will not be charged a late fee. Should you have an accident during the grace period, your policy will kick in as usual.

Geico will contact you with a cancellation notice to know when your policy will be canceled if you fail to make payment. 

The Solution To Never Missing A Payment – Autopay

Imagine there was a way to have your premium payments scheduled ahead of time, so you never missed a payment—something like how your different subscriptions (Apple Music, Spotify, Medium, etc.) work.

Fortunately, there is – Geico autopay is the answer. Your payments are automatically scheduled ahead of your due date with this option. Before this date, Geico will send you a payment schedule so you can plan ahead of your payments. 

The major advantage to this feature is that you’ll never miss a payment; hence you don’t risk getting your policy canceled and suffering a lapse coverage. 

The second advantage of using this feature is that you cut the long process of processing your premium payment. You no longer have to bother about calling anyone or making a trip to the bank. 

With modern technology, autopay makes it easy to have your premiums paid quickly and conveniently.

How Can I Pay My Premiums On Geico

Geico has held its spot among the best insurance companies in the U.S. because they make their processes as convenient as possible for their customers. 

You can pay for your premiums via multiple channels, and we highlighted a few of them below: 

Automatic Payment

Geico’s automatic payment feature works the same way your subscriptions do; at the appointed time, your bill will be automatically deducted from your bank. This makes it possible never to miss a payment, not to mention it’s a convenient way to get your payments in.

Online Payment

That’s right, with your local credit card, debit card, cheque, or Apple Pay, you can pay for premiums. The world has gotten to a stage where virtually every transaction is conducted online, so it makes sense that you can make your insurance payments online.

Geico Express Service allows you to make payments without logging in. It also allows you to access your ID Card and perform other functions relating to your insurance. 

Geico Mobile App

It’s no surprise that you can process your payments through the Geico mobile app. Download the app from your device’s application store, set up your account, and make your payments.

Geico’s app allows you to do more than make payments; you can make virtually any change to your policy or ask for assistance via the app. 

Phone Pay

With Geico’s automated phone system, you can pay your bills. Just call tel:+18009328872 to get started. You also have the option of saving your account details on their system to make future payments easier.

Bill Payer Service

Another way you can pay your Geico premium is through your bank’s electronic payment service. Geico has an Electronic Funds Transfer platform you can make your payments. The advantage you’d enjoy from using this service over your bill payer service is that you’d skip paying fees on your installments.


If the only way you can get money to your insurer for your premium is through a cheque or money order, that’s no issue at all.

You can get your payment in through the mail to Geico, be sure to send your mail to the correct address. Also, ensure that you provide the necessary information to process your order, such as your policy number. If you aren’t sure what you need to include, you can contact your customer care center for guidance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Pay After My Due Date If I Am Not Enrolled In Autopay?

Yes, you can. The grace period is applicable to all Geico clients, meaning that as long as your final due has not been exceeded, you can still pay.

Why Did I Receive A Cancellation Notice?

There are two reasons you’d receive a cancelation notice from Geico; the first is that you missed your payment due date. 

Usually, after missing your payment due date, you’d be given a grace period where you can still make payment for your insurance before it is canceled. Before the grace period elapses, you’d be sent a cancelation notice with the final due date for payment, after which your coverage will elapse.

The second reason you’d be sent a cancelation notice is if the amount due is not paid. It is not likely that your insurer will accept part payment on your premium without prior notice and agreement.


A grace period is not evidence for insurance; insurance documents such as your policy declaration page and insurance ID card are. If you recently purchased insurance for your new vehicle, these documents will help you prove this to any law enforcement officer. 


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