Is Insurance A Better Option Than Apple Care For Macbook Pro? (Explained!)

Insurance Apple Care For Macbook Pro

One can either get an insurance plan or use Apple Care for their Macbook Pro. Both are excellent options, although getting insurance gives more extensive coverage. However, whatever plan you choose depends on your preference and certain factors. 

Every Apple user knows that they need to get a backup plan for their devices as these devices are slippery and easily prone to risk. Thus, some people get phone insurance or decide to stick to Apple Care. 

Apple Care is an insurance that comes with any Apple Device, but it lasts for only two years. It may even be shorter in some cases. 

Differences Between A Phone Insurance And Apple Care 

Differences Between A Phone Insurance And Apple Care 

As we earlier mentioned, every Apple device comes with an Apple Care warranty, including your Macbook Pro. You can enjoy a one-year limited hardware warranty and 90 days of free technical support from the Apple Care warranty. Apple is always ready to help rectify issues for its users as long as it is not accidental or intentional damage. 

As you can see, they do not have extensive coverage as accidental damages are not covered. For example, if you mistakenly drop your Macbook Pro and the screen cracks, the Apple Care warranty does not cover repairs of the screen. 

However, if you have phone insurance, you can be sure that it covers your MacBook Pro. In such a case, accidental damages are covered by the insurance plan. 

The difference between both services is that you get to pay a yearly or monthly fee for your insurance plan. However, you are not paying for anything with Apple Care. 

Therefore, it should not be surprising some people wait until after a year of purchasing their Macbook Pro before getting phone insurance. In addition, we also see that some people may not have that extra money for phone insurance, which is why they do not get it.

Below Is A Table Showing The Differences Between Apple Care And Insurance 

DifferenceApple CareInsurance 
Duration Apple Care warranty lasts for only a year, sometimes two years if you decide to upgrade to Apple Care+.Insurance will last for as long as you can be paying the fee. 
Coverage There is limited coverage with Apple Care as it tends to stick to only hardware issues. You get to enjoy extensive coverage with an insurance program. 
CostApple Care warranty is free, except if you decide to upgrade to Apple Care+.You get to pay a monthly or annual fee if you opt for an insurance program. And, the amount depends on your insurance company. 

Factors To Consider When Getting Insurance For Your Macbook Pro

If you decide to choose an insurance program for your Macbook Pro, here are some questions you should ask yourself before proceeding.

1. Are You Comfortable Getting A Different Replacement? 

Unfortunately, we often see that insurance companies will give people something different from their original device when there is a need for a replacement. We are not saying that they will give you an old or outdated model. However, you may see slight changes like getting a different color. 

Yes, the insurance company agrees to cover the cost of replacing your Macbook Pro. However, they are not ready to go through the stress of finding your original color. Once they see that it is the same model as your previous device, they will go ahead to purchase it. 

Understandably, some people are particular about the color of their devices, and we do not know if you are one of them. So, if you are getting insurance for your Macbook Pro, you need to be comfortable with the idea that you might not be getting the original color again. But, if you do not mind, you should go ahead with the plan. 

2. Are You Comfortable Paying For The Insurance Even If Nothing Ever Happens To Your Macbook Pro? 

Did you know that there are high possibilities that nothing will ever happen to your Macbook Pro? Yes, you can use your MacBook Pro for years without it getting any hardware or external damages. 

However, if you decide to get an insurance plan that covers your Macbook Pro, you will always pay the insurance fees, even if nothing happens to your device. 

So, you can keep paying this fee for up to five years, and nothing goes wrong with your Macbook Pro. Understandably, some people may not be comfortable with this idea and see it as a waste of money. Therefore, you need to ask yourself this question before getting an insurance plan. 

Some people say that only careless people should get insurance plans for their devices. Although we do not agree with this claim, we urge that you answer this question before getting an insurance plan. 

3. Are You Going To Use Your Macbook Pro For More Than A Year? 

Some people are in the habit of changing their devices yearly, and you may be a part of them. If you do not plan to use your Macbook Pro for more than one year, there should be no reason you would get an insurance plan. 

After all, every Apple device comes with an Apple Care warranty which lasts for one year. So if will not use your Macbook Pro for more than one year, it is better to stick to the free warranty than spend money paying for insurance as it would be wasteful. 

However, it is still dependent on your preference. 

How Can I Get Phone Insurance? 

Those who desire to get insurance for their Macbook Pro are usually curious about how getting phone insurance. So, allow us to tell you that you can get phone insurance in two ways:

  1. Through your home insurance: Some insurance companies cover phone insurance under their home insurance plans. So, if you own home insurance with such a company, you can be sure that it covers your Macbook Pro and other devices.
  2. Through stand-alone insurance: One can also get phone insurance as stand-alone insurance with some insurance companies. 

The method you can use in getting phone insurance depends on the insurance company you choose. 


Below are some frequently asked questions 

Should I Get Insurance For My Macbook Pro?

Yes, it is important to get insurance for your Macbook Pro as you cannot predict what happens the next minute. So, it is best to have a plan that covers repair costs. 

Is Apple Care The Same As Insurance? 

Apple care is a limited type of insurance that Apple Company gives to its users, and it lasts for only a year. 

How Long Does Apple Care Last For Macbook Pro?

Apple Care warranty for Macbook Pro lasts for only one year. However, you can extend it for up to three years when you upgrade to Apple Care+.


If you are using Apple Care for Macbook Pro, it lasts for only one year. However, an insurance plan will last for as long as you keep paying. 

Therefore, we would say that getting insurance is a better option as it has more extensive coverage. 


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