Is Hair Laser Removal Covered By Insurance? (All You Need To Know!)

Hair Laser Removal Insurance

It is almost impossible for your insurance plan to cover hair laser removal as they consider it a cosmetic procedure. We see that insurance companies do not have coverage for cosmetic procedures. Therefore, it is best not to have high hopes for your insurance covering hair laser removal. 

So, suppose you have a healthcare insurance plan, and you plan on doing hair laser removal. Allow us to tell you that you will be paying for this process from your pocket. 

Yes, some exceptions might allow your insurance company to cover your hair laser removal process. However, it would help if you did not always bank on it, as it only happens in rare cases. Therefore, you must have the money before you think of embarking on a hair laser removal process. 

Hair laser removal is a medical process of using a concentrated beam to remove unwanted hair. The idea here is that the beam attacks the hair follicles, stopping production of hairs. 

Some people say that it is a permanent hair removal process. However, we do not agree with this claim. Instead, we would say that using hair laser removal slows down the process of hair production. So, the growth rate would be lower, and you won’t have unnecessary hairs anymore.  

How To Get Insurance To Cover Hair Laser Removal 

Now that you are aware of the benefits of hair laser removal, you can see why people want insurance to cover it.

So, here are some ways to get insurance to cover hair laser removal:

1. Through A Medical Condition: Do you have a medical condition that needs you to engage in a hair removal process? If yes, you can present such a case to your insurance company, getting them to cover hair laser removal. However, it is also important to note that they might get experts to verify your case. So, you should be willing and open to undergoing any of their verification processes. 

2. Get A Doctors’ Recommendation: Another way you can get insurance to cover hair laser removal is through a doctors’ recommendation. However, it may also entail the doctor having meetings with the company and being persuasive. So, you must ensure to get a persuasive doctor who would present a strong case, stating why you need to undergo hair laser removal and why the insurance plan should cover it. 

Benefits Of Hair Laser Removal 

Benefits Of Hair Laser Removal 

With the knowledge that most insurance companies do not cover hair laser removal, you may be wondering why many people want to go ahead with the process. 

So, some of the reasons are:

1. It improves self-esteem: We have seen some people become overly conscious of their bodies because they have excess hairs on some parts of them. For someone, a person might have excess leg hairs and would feel unsexy. So, they desire to get hair laser removal. After all, the process would slow down the production of these hairs, and they won’t be as hairy as before. In addition, such a person might stop wearing clothes that show off their legs and be shy to step out in public. You can see how such would affect their self-esteem. So, their self-esteem becomes better, and they have more confidence when they do hair laser removal. 

2. It is precise: Often, people argue that there are other ways of getting rid of unwanted hairs, and people do not need to do hair laser removal. But, how precise are these other methods? Can you compare using a shaving stick to using a laser? Some people even say that using a shaving stick will make the hair grow faster. However, we see that the laser is more precise as it targets the hair follicles. The laser does its work once the light touches the follicles, and you would have the assurance when you feel that area. It is safe to say that the skin area would feel like a baby after the process. 

3. It is fast: Again, we agree that there may be other methods to remove unwanted hair. However, we also see that using a laser beam proves to be the fastest method. Once you go in for the process, you will be out in no time. You will be shocked to see the number of hairs that a beam treats at once. And, experts can confirm this claim. So, you do not need to bother about spending time when going in for this process as it would only take some minutes. After all, you can go ahead with your other activities for the day.  

4. It is long-lasting: Although we cannot say that using a laser beam for a hair removal process is a permanent solution, we can say that it is long-lasting. However, it also depends on your body type. We have seen some people who would not return for the process until after a year. And, we have also seen some people who would go back after some months. However, it is a more lasting solution than other methods. Once you engage in this process, it would take some months before you bother to deal with unwanted hair again. 

Disadvantages Of Hair Laser Removal 

As with everything that has advantages, there would also be disadvantages. For example, one of the disadvantages of hair laser removal is:

Sensitivity: You would often hear experts advising people to avoid sunlight after engaging in this process. It is because hair laser removal leaves the skin sensitive, and sunlight can damage such skin and even lead to discoloration. So, you would need to avoid sunlight for about a month when you do this hair laser removal. 

Below is a table showing the price of hair laser removal in different US states. 

State Price
California $280 – $350
Ohio$280- $350
Georgia $285 – $350
New Jersey $200 – $450


Some of the frequently asked questions are:

How Expensive Is Hair Laser Removal?

The price of hair laser removal depends on the part of the body and the city. And, we have given a range for some of the states in the US. However, hair laser removal isn’t more than $700.

Is Hair Laser Removal Covered By Insurance If You Have PCOS?

Typically, insurance companies do not cover hair laser removal. However, if you have PCOS and can argue your case with evidence, the insurance company might reconsider its policy. 

At What Age Is Hair Laser Removal Safe?

Experts recommend that a person must be must to teenage years before engaging in this process.


It would be best to have your money when considering hair laser removal, as most insurance does not cover this process. 


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