Does Walmart Take Back A Phone If You’ve Only Had It For A Week But Didn’t Buy The Insurance?

Does Walmart Take Back A Phone

The answer to this question depends on Walmart’s return policy. Customers usually have about fourteen days to return the device in the same condition that they were sold. It is easier for Walmart to process a return for damaged or defective devices on delivery. 

It is important to note that devices damaged due to customer use are not returnable. However, if you purchased an insurance plan, you will be covered for the damage to the device.

Walmart Return Policy On Phones 

Walmart Return Policy On Phones 

Walmart will accept your return if it is made within fourteen days from the purchase date. You are expected to provide the original packaging, components, and device perfectly. You may also be required to provide your receipt. 

Whether you purchased your phone in-store or online, the process for returning your device is simple. 

In-Store Returns

You could return your phone through the customer service department during regular store hours if you bought your phone in-store. However, you are expected to bring the original packaging and accessories of the device to the store for your return to be processed. These and the phone should be in working condition. 

Online Returns

If you purchased your mobile device from Walmart online, you can’t return it through a nearby branch. Instead, you have to return it via mail. This return is processed via Walmart’s website. 

Walmart Protection Plan

Walmart Protection Plan

Electronics are tricky to deal with; no matter where you buy them from, you can never be 100% sure that they will function properly. 

For expensive electronics such as laptops, mobile devices, etc. You want to be assured that it will work. Walmart gives you a guarantee that your purchase will work fine, and if it doesn’t, they will have it replaced. 

Sounds great, doesn’t it? However, Walmart’s protection plan is set up to protect customers from dealing with mishaps associated with purchasing faulty items from Walmart under certain conditions.

Walmart’s protection plan is issued through Allstate, one of the most successful insurance providers in the U.S. 

After purchasing an item from Walmart, you have thirty days to buy the protection plan. After that, you can file a claim when your items break down from manufacturer defects or usage with the protection plan.

There are two ways to file a claim:

1. Online – log in to your Walmart account to file a claim 

2. Phone – speak with an Allstate representative and have them file the claim for you

Should they accept your claim, you will be sent a box to return the device. Allstate determines whether your item will be repaired or replaced. 

The cost of Walmart’s protection plan depends on the item purchased and the length of coverage paid for. Typically, the cost ranges from $2 – $39, and coverage is usually for 2 – 3 years. 

The protection plans cover TVs, laptops, mobile devices, outdoor equipment, jewelry, and watches.

Earlier, we mentioned that the protection plans offered coverage under certain conditions meaning that there are situations not covered by the insurance plan. 

Such situations include damage caused by lack of care, computer virus attacks, cosmetic issues, poor/incorrect storage, etc. 

Pros And Cons Of The Walmart Protection Plan

The insurance plan is managed by a reputable insurer – Allstate Allstate retains the right to refuse your claim 
You can save your receipt online It’s an extra cost
If you cancel your plan within thirty days of purchase, you will be refunded.Without a receipt, your claim cannot be processed.
Your insurance plan can be transferred if you give away or sell the itemOnly items bought through Walmart are covered

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do I Have To Return A Phone To Walmart?

You have fourteen days from the date of purchase or delivery to return any cell phone bought from Walmart. Some of the requirements for returns is that the phone, alongside its accessories, is returned in undamaged working condition.

Can I Return A Damaged Phone To Walmart?

No, you cannot. One of the requirements for returning a phone to Walmart is that it must be in perfect condition. However, if you ordered a phone online and it arrived defective or damaged, you can return it within the fourteen-day window. 

If you purchased the Walmart Protection Plan, you could return your device even if it is damaged. For example, the damage could be water damage or a cracked screen.

I Opened My Cell Phone; Can I Still Return It?

Walmart is not completely against returning open box electronics, as they accept items like TVs at times. However, the unboxed phone should be returned unlocked for the same model or one comparable. Walmart’s list of exchange-only items includes opened and used phones.

Does My Protection Plan Work Alongside My Warranty?

Allstate will direct your claim to the manufacturer if the warranty covers the default and your warranty is still active. Warranty windows usually range from three months to a year. 

How Do I Register My Walmart Protection Plan?

After purchasing the plan, Walmart will automatically register you; you don’t have to do anything to register your account. 

However, you are expected to set up an account with the email address you used in purchasing the plan.

Does Walmart Offer Refunds On The Protection Plan?

Yes, they do. If you cancel the plan within the first thirty days of purchase, you will enjoy a full refund. If you wish to cancel the plan after the thirty-day window, you may still get a refund but not 100%.


Whether you purchase your phone in-store or online, Walmart allows you to return it within fourteen days from the purchase date or delivery date. 

Note that all items must be returned in working condition as Walmart does not accept returns for damaged devices. They will only do so if you purchased their insurance plan. 

You can return your device even if the box is opened so long as you return it unlocked and in working condition.


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