How Much Does A Chiropractor Usually Cost Without Insurance?

Chiropractor Usually Cost Without Insurance

Chiropractic Visits without insurance will cost you anything between $100 -$150. Several factors go into this costing. Things like your chiropractor’s level of experience, where they are located, and your condition all factor into the total cost spent on these visits. 

In the USA, the average cost of chiropractic visits for general adjustments is $65. However, depending on what type of procedure you need to get done, it is expected that your total cost per session is capped at about $106.

For individuals without insurance, the amount increases significantly. Their average costs per session could be anything from $80 – $200 or more. 

Tabular Breakdown For Chiropractor Cost Without Insurance 

Type Of ServicePrice Range
Chiropractic Care Initial Examination $130 – $170
Chiropractic Adjustments Pay per visit$40 – $65
Chiropractic Adjustments Prepaid block of 6 visits$280 – $300
Chiropractic Adjustments Prepaid block of 12 visits$520 – $580
Chiropractic Adjustments Prepaid block of 24 visits$980 – $1100 
Reevaluation Fee$70 – $95
X-rays and Reports of Cervical Spine$50 – $70
X-rays and Reports of Thoracic Spine$50 – $65
X-rays and Reports of Lumbar Spine$50 – $65
X-rays and Reports of Full Spine Series$50 – $65
Massage Therapy of 30-minute treatment$75+hst – $90+hst
Massage Therapy of 45-minute treatment$90+hst – $115+hst
Massage Therapy of 60-minute treatment$105+hit – $130+hst
Massage Therapy of 75-minute treatment$130+hit – $155+hst
Massage Therapy of 90-minute treatment$155+hst – $180+hst
Acupuncture 30 min treatment$65 – $75
Orthotics$500 – $550

Source: mgtblog 

What To Consider When Preparing For A Visit To A Chiropractor 

What To Consider When Preparing For A Visit To A Chiropractor 

Chiropractors are skilled in treating various conditions, improving your posture, and boosting your general health status. In addition, when compared with other forms of treatment, they are more affordable, which is why people prefer them. 

However, see real factors determine the cost of their services, and this section highlights them. 


As you would expect, chiropractors need to have a great amount of experience before they are allowed to practice. According to the American Association of Chiropractors, they need to have 

1. 4-5 years of pre-medical undergraduate courses 

2. One year of practical work under professional supervision

3. Vast knowledge of chiropractic methods, musculoskeletal anatomy, etc

After they have completed this rigorous training, they can be accredited as a chiropractor and begin practicing. So you can imagine that the more experienced the professional, the higher they will charge. 

They may charge higher because they have acquired more professional certificates in their field, built a large and stable client base, or invested valuable time and effort in their career. 


Where your chiropractic clinic is located can also influence the cost of your visits. For example, clinics in developed areas and megacities such as New York will cost more than clinics in areas such as Michigan. 

The demand for their services in your location comes to play. If you live somewhere where chiropractic services are in high demand, their charges will be higher. 

And of course, the type of establishment your professional works in also determines the amount you spend on these visits. You can expect individuals working in private practice or hospitals to charge more than those who work in medical centers.

Insurance Coverage 

Chiropractic treatments are seen as alternatives to more conventional treatments, and so they may be covered by your insurance company. If your insurance policy covers these treatments, you will be spending a lot less than you would’ve if you did not have insurance. 

However, many insurance policies do not have provisions for chiropractic visits, and you would have to spend out of pocket. Companies such as Medicaid and Medicare cover some part of the cost of chiropractic visits. 

Before making your first visit to a chiropractor, we advise you to discuss if your policy covers such visits with your health insurance provider. 

Try to ask important questions such as how many visits are covered and what percentage of the costs will be handled by the company.

Cutting Down Cost On Chiropractor Visits Without Insurance

You may not have insurance to cover your chiropractor visits, or perhaps your insurance policy doesn’t cover these visits, so what happens next? 

You would have to pay for their services out of pocket, and from the data available, these can take a large bite out of your wallet. 

Assuming you do not have so much money to spare, your appointments may not be so regular because you would have to save up for each visit. 

Fortunately, many care centers exist where you can receive chiropractic care at discounted prices. Some of them may even offer additional treatments for upfront payment. 

Having to cover your chiropractor’s costs without insurance isn’t a complete loss. It gives you the option of experimenting with different doctors and hospitals until you find the one which is best suited to your needs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Conditions Do Chiropractors Treat?

Chiropractors work with a wide variety of patients. Their usual client base consists of patients who suffer from body pain. However, anyone with a musculoskeletal ailment can engage the services of a chiropractor.

Do Chiropractors Take Insurance?

Yes, they do. A lot of chiropractic doctors accept insurance as payment. It is usually insurance providers who do not cover costs for chiropractic visits. Providers such as Medicaid and Medicare cover some part of chiropractic costs.


Chiropractic visits, like other medical treatments, are provided at steep costs that could deter individuals from getting them done if they lack the funds to do so. 

If you are lucky to have an insurance policy that covers these visits to an extent, your cost on these visits could be as low as $30. People who do not have insurance or their policy doesn’t cover chiropractor costs are likely to spend as much as $200 per session. 

We would advise you to find a more affordable alternative treatment to chiropractic services if they are not critically needed for the ailment you have. 

If essential for your health to receive chiropractic services, you can try visiting centers that offer these services at discounted rates. 

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