How Do You Get Antidepressants Without Insurance? (Explained!)

Antidepressants Without Insurance

Even without an insurance plan, one can get antidepressants by getting a prescription from a doctor or medical practitioner. And, since antidepressants are not overly expensive, they would not dent your bank account. 

Typically, one registers with an insurance policy to have healthcare coverage. Understandably, everyone would agree that paying for healthcare services can be expensive, and one would want to lessen the burden. Thus, it comes in handy when you have an insurance plan. 

However, we see that most insurance policies do not cover antidepressants, and you will find out why such happens later in this article. Also, it should be common knowledge that you cannot get an antidepressant over the counter, except you have a doctors’ prescription. So, it is either your doctor gets them for you, or you have a prescription. 

One can use antidepressants for pain, depression, anxiety, PTSD, and more. 

If you are trying to get an antidepressant without insurance, we know that you are curious to know the cost. So, below is a table showing some antidepressants and their price. 

Fluoxetine $22.50

It is important to note that these are not the fixed prices for these antidepressants as they could be slighter, higher, or lower. In addition, the pricing depends on many factors, including your location. 

Why Your Insurance Plan Might Not Cover Antidepressants

Why Insurance Plan Might Not Cover Antidepressants

So, you may be wondering why your insurance plan does not cover antidepressants. After all, it is a healthcare insurance plan, and getting antidepressants are supposed to be a part of the package. 

Allow us to tell you that there are reasons why some insurance plans do not cover antidepressants. And, you should know these reasons instead of using your over-imaginative mind to cook up answers. 

So, some of these reasons are:

1. It Is A Prescription Drug: Recall how we earlier mentioned that it is nearly impossible to get antidepressants over the counter except you have a doctor’s prescription. It also stands as a reason why many insurance plans do not cover antidepressants. The idea here is that they are trying to curb self-medication. And, we can all agree that it would be easy to self-medicate and even overdose on antidepressants. We often see that people diagnose themselves with issues and conclude that they need antidepressants. However, that may not be what they need at that time. Then, they go to pharmacies trying to get these antidepressants, putting their health at risk. And, if they have an assurance of insurance coverage, they will not think twice before indulging in such an act. However, if they feel that they have to bring out the money from their pocket, we would see that they won’t be so fast at self-medicating. Thus, it is one of the reasons why insurance packages do not cover anti-depressants. 

2. Cost: How much are you paying for your insurance plan? And how much will your antidepressants cost? It is a factor to consider when you wonder why the insurance plan isn’t covering your antidepressants. 

We cannot say that antidepressants are expensive. However, your situation could determine if the antidepressants could be expensive or not. For example, it could be that you need to purchase antidepressants every two weeks, and that would be a huge burden on the insurance company. So, they would rather focus on other lesser healthcare issues than antidepressants. So, you can see why an insurance plan would not want to cover antidepressants. 

Yes, some people might argue that antidepressants for $50 are available. But, have you thought about how many capsules can come for $50? What if you need to get it weekly? You can see that the insurance company might not want to have such responsibilities. So, they decline to cover antidepressants. 

Factors Affecting Cost Of Antidepressants Without Insurance

Affecting Cost Of Antidepressants Without Insurance

So your insurance plan does not cover antidepressants, and you are wondering what factors lead to the cost of the antidepressants. After all, you can see that the prices vary. 

Therefore, some of these factors are:

1. Brand Name: This article already stated that no two antidepressants have the same cost, and it could be because they are of different brands. Of course, you would see that brand A would be different from brand B. We also see that some antidepressants are branded while others are generic. And generic antidepressants are usually cheaper than branded antidepressants. So, the price of your antidepressant without insurance depends on what your doctor prescribed for you. And, it would not make sense if you decide to go for the generic options because you feel they are cheaper. What if that is not the best option for your condition? It is always best to follow the instructions of a medical expert when taking antidepressants. However, keep in mind that the brand name is one of the factors that could influence the cost and price of antidepressants without insurance. 

2. Dosage: How are you expected to take your antidepressants? The dosage of the drug also plays a role in determining the price of antidepressants without insurance. For example, a person who takes 50mg of a specific antidepressant will not spend as much as someone who takes 200mg of that drug. So, you can see how the dosage of a drug or antidepressant can be a factor in determining the price. In addition, we see that some people may only take their antidepressants for about three months, while others have to take them for more than a year. Of course, the person who takes it long will spend more getting the antidepressants than a person who takes it for a few months. But again, it is always best to work according to the prescription of a medical expert. 


Some of the frequently asked questions about antidepressants and insurance are:

Can I Get An Antidepressant Online?

Yes, you can get an antidepressant online, but it depends on the platform you are using. Are you using a system, platform, or service with expert doctors? If yes, then you can get antidepressants online. 

Can You Get Antidepressant Without Seeing A Therapist?

No, you cannot get antidepressants without seeing a therapist as you would need prescriptions from a qualified doctor. 

How Long Do Antidepressants Take To Work? 

You can start seeing the effects of antidepressants in about two weeks. However, it is best to stick with your doctors’ prescription. 


Understandably, you would expect that healthcare insurance should cover antidepressants, but it does not always happen. However, you can get antidepressants when you have a doctors’ prescription. 


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